In many areas of the country, a secure water supply is not a given and dependable water rights are crucial to business survival. Having an intimate understanding of the regulatory and political history of water policy, and having an appreciation for the historical uses and future demands on water is essential in providing effective representation in all matters involving water rights.

Our clients are afforded the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience we provide in all aspects pertaining to water rights, which involve complex schemes that vary greatly from state to state. Our water resource experience helps our clients in agricultural, manufacturing, mining, utility, renewable energy, industrial and commercial businesses, as well as water providers and municipalities and includes:
  • Riparian/Prior appropriation water rights laws and policies
  • Groundwater and surface water regulations
  • Acquisition, management and/or transferring of water rights
  • Recharge projects
  • Participation in the development of new and/or modification of existing state and federal water resource laws, regulations and policies
  • Negotiation or defense of water rights, uses and/or changes to existing rights.
  • Representation of a major groundwater claimant in the Gila River adjudication in which the delineation between surface water and groundwater is essential in determining the water rights and maintaining historic uses of the water.
  • Representation of land owner in the prosecution of claims for water degradation and reduced volume against Fortune 500 energy company in state court.
  • Representation as water counsel and Arizona relationship lawyer in the sale of a 625-megawatt natural gas fired power plant.
  • Representation regarding stability of rights for use by agricultural users.
  • Representation regarding the prosecution of claims against governmental agencies in state court relating to the impacts of water recharge projects on mining operations.
  • Representation of industrial client in the assessment of transporting water from and to various watersheds including from and between state Active Management Areas.