Whether we are working with our clients in developing risk management procedures focused on preventing employees being injured or killed in a work accident or exposed to toxins, or addressing a judicial or administrative enforcement action, we provide our clients the experience and sensitivity needed for handling the delicate issues involving the protection and well-being of their employees.

In matters regarding administrative and judicial actions involving personal injuries, fatalities, citations for violations or toxic torts, our clients appreciate the extensive experience we provide in defending their interests, minimizing negative public perception and resolving government and private concerns.

We work closely with our clients to establish procedures that focus on regulatory compliance and risk management, ensuring effective protections for both their employees and operations. We keep our clients updated on current and proposed laws, regulations and policies relating to workplace health and safety for the purposes of ensuring ongoing compliance.
  • Representation of defendant industrial clients in personal injury and property damage class actions including releases and exposures to chemicals and metals.
  • Representation regarding toxic tort and environmental contamination cases, involving insurance companies, property damages, chemical explosions and personal injuries.
  • Representation regarding allegations of possible workplace exposure to asbestos.
  • Representation regarding allegations of workplace exposure to toxic metals.
  • Representation regarding the defense of allegations of violations of the Clean Air Act (CAA) for asbestos removal brought by the U. S. EPA in federal court.
  • Representation of a chemical industry client in defense of complex multi-plaintiff lawsuits and single plaintiff lawsuits filed throughout the United States alleging personal injuries and property damages arising from chemical emissions.
  • Representation regarding the restart of operations of an open pit copper mine and mill after years of curtailment of operations including every regulatory permitting and licensing aspect of the project pertaining to federal and state issues effecting water, air, waste and operational compliance, as well as workplace health and safety requirements.
  • Representation regarding defense against citations brought by the Mine Safety and Health Administration alleging violations under MSHA of standards applicable to the work area.