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303.583.8243 602.650.2043
  • Education
    • J.D., George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason Law Review, Production Editor
    • Bachelor, University of Colorado, Physics
  • Bar Jurisdictions
    • Colorado, 2010
    • Admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2010

Taryn Elliott’s grasp of technology and creativity assists clients with the protection and enforcement of their intellectual property. Taryn is a physicist and a pilot, and her comprehensive background in a variety of fields including physics, mathematics, aviation, aerospace and computer science provides her with the knowledge and skills to prepare, prosecute and enforce patents in a wide range of technical fields.

She manages domestic and international intellectual property portfolios for clients engaged in numerous industries, ranging from solo inventors and small startups to leading multinational companies. Further, she advises clients regarding disputes, negotiates on their behalf and represents them aggressively in litigation when necessary. Her experience covers a range of enforcement and defensive strategies, both nationally and internationally, including litigation, post grant proceedings, take-down notices, customs enforcement and other specialized proceedings.

Taryn has significant experience in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications. This experience includes drafting provisional, non-provisional, United States national stage, international and reissue patent applications across a variety of technologies; responses to office actions, appeals, and post grant proceedings; and non-infringement and/or invalidity opinions. Taryn leads Polsinelli’s Product Design and User Interface Group, which specializes in securing global design patent rights and enforcing those rights through litigation and alternative enforcement mechanisms. Taryn has executed design patents covering subject matter ranging from vehicles and aircraft to user interfaces to consumer products and packaging, among other industries. She works with clients to develop comprehensive protection strategies for inventive concepts using complementary utility and design patent applications, as further supplemented by the full spectrum of intellectual property rights including trade dress, trademark, copyright and trade secret. Her creativity and understanding of the nuances in these areas and how they work together results in a portfolio tailored to the unique business goals of each client.

Taryn seeks to understand the business context and objective of each innovation to inform not only a protection strategy, where appropriate, but also design-around strategies, freedom-to-operate assessments and defensive strategies and filings. She is frequently engaged in due diligence associated with asset purchases, investments, acquisitions and licensing. At their core, intellectual property matters are business assets so Taryn generates strategies and budgets for the matters that are aligned with the overall business.

  • Developed and managed patent portfolios involving systems and devices, as well as the underlying physics and reactions, of various energy technologies ranging from nuclear fusion to plasma to waste management and oil and gas.
  • Drafted multiple patent applications, including utility and design, directed at graphical user interfaces and computer generated imagery and animation for a leading international telecommunications company.
  • Developed and managed comprehensive intellectual property portfolio for a leading international technology and information company across a wide range of innovations.
  • Drafted and prosecuted multiple patent applications in the areas of image analysis, object recognition, computer vision, simultaneous localization and mapping, navigation, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, artificial neural networks, artificial intelligence and big data for several leading international information and technology companies.
  • Drafted and prosecuted multiple patent applications in the areas of passive optical networks, network security and threat mitigation, content delivery, wireless technologies, web services, Internet of Things, communications protocol, fiber-optic communications, bandwidth, signal processing and Voice over IP technologies for a leading international telecommunications technology company.
  • Drafted multiple patent applications in the areas of multimedia environments and devices, stochastic model simulation, cloud infrastructures, voice recognition software, image processing and computer vision for a leading international computer technology company.
  • Drafted and prosecuted multiple patent applications in the areas of data storage networks and devices, including hard drives, solid-state drives, hybrid drives, magnetic recording media, software and content distribution, error scanning and analysis, database management systems and cloud servers for a leading international data storage technology company.
  • Developed and managed comprehensive intellectual property portfolios for multiple healthcare information technology companies, tailored according to the unique nuances of the healthcare industry, including HIPAA concerns, reimbursement strategies and state and federal privacy regulations.
  • Prosecuted multiple national stage applications in the areas of corrective lenses, progressive lenses, ophthalmic lenses and optical equipment for a leading international ophthalmic lens company.
  • Analyzed products for several emerging medical device and technology companies to identify potential gaps in the utility patent coverage and filed design patent applications supplementing the utility patent applications with a different scope of patent protection for the products.
  • Drafted and prosecuted broadening reissue design applications through issuance and enforced the same in litigation.
  • Develop and manage a comprehensive international intellectual property portfolio, with a heavy emphasis on design patent and trade dress protection, for a leading consumer products company in a billion dollar per year industry.
  • Develop and manage comprehensive international intellectual property portfolios for growing startup companies, including complementary design, utility and trade dress protection. 
  • Successfully enforced a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio for a product by litigating complementary federal district court cases and defending against trade dress opposition cases until a favorable settlement and elimination of knockoff products from the marketplace were obtained.
  • Successfully removed various counterfeit and knockoff products from the market for several consumer products companies through various enforcement strategies, including take-down notices, customs enforcement and litigation when necessary.